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Submit Match Result

when a match result is submitted using Scan QR code the ELO RATING + RANKING of both players updates instantly

you need ANDROID or APPLE mobile App to Scan QR Code

if you are using web login you can “type name” to search + submit using exact player name but the opponent is then asked 
to confirm the result from their StreetTT app player profile 

→  players agree the match
      is for StreetTT + who will 
      submit the match result
→  log in to StreetTT app
→  select        
→  select        
Submit Result
→  select        I won 
I lost
→        Search Table
→  choose table
Scan QR Code  
      of opponent to input
      the winner / loser
→  record the number of sets 
      won by the winner + loser
→  confirm match result + 
Submit Result

11 Submit Result.png
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