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Elo Rating decides a player’s Ranking

STATS - Matches Played, Sets Won + percentage % of matches won by a player

increase your LEVEL by playing new opponents

the Elo Rating system is used by the International Table Tennis Federation for World Ranking - 
it’s a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players. players win or lose points from the outcome of match results

→  log in to StreetTT app

→  your      Player Profile is

      the app home screen

→  Elo Rating

→  Matches Played

→  Sets Won

→  Win Rate

→  select       QR Code 

      to allow a player to scan 

      your code to submit a

      match result

→  select       Level 

      to view your player level

      + progress to next level

→  select       History 

      to view tables, tournaments

      cities + countries where

      you have played

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