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Attend Event

give the app permission to share your device location 📍 this data is used to help you find tables + events, your location is not tracked

events are listed within 100 kms of your location

Find Events At 
Leisure Centres
Table Tennis Clubs 
Community Centres 
Shopping Centres

University / college 
+ All Table Tennis Venues

→  log in to StreetTT app

→  select        Menu

→  select       Events

→  browse events

→  select filter to browse

      by        Date | Distance

→  choose event

→  view Event Purpose, Date,

      Start + End Time, Player

      Level, Cost, event Creator

      + profile of event Creator

→  select        Attend event

      to say you will be there

→  select         View attendees

      to browse attendees +

      view their player profiles

→  select        Contact Creator

      to message via Telegram

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