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join the table tennis community

StreetTT app, gateway to a worldwide Table Tennis community

- Find + create events for any Table Tennis purpose
- Automated event reminders + moderated local chat group
- Upload videos to promote table, players + events
- Scan a player’s QR code to submit match results at anytime
- Find community moderated tournaments + events
- Track your player Elo rating, level, history and stats

Find and create events at any Table Tennis location: club, coach, leisure centre, community centre, university, further education college, shopping mall, workplace, bar, venue, park and public tables.  Event information and reminders appear automatically in the local city chat group and players can see a calendar of events for 100 kms in the app.

Promote tables, players and events by uploading videos via the app to appear on StreetTT social channels.  Players must be aged 16 years and over unless accompanied by a parent/guardian that manages the account on their behalf.    Please see StreetTT terms and conditions for full information:

Anyone, of any ability, can become a StreetTT player and any two players can begin playing on any table.   Players scan each other’s QR code to print their match result to a table, giving each player an Elo rating and a ranking by table, city, country, world.  As players submit more match results against new opponents they are awarded higher levels in the game.

The StreetTT app empowers Table Tennis players to meet, compete and achieve, turning tables across the city into a network of exciting match venues.  Free, with no premium features and no in-app advertising or tracking, StreetTT is made possible by the national governing bodies for Table Tennis that are Member Associations of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).  

To receive direct communications from the national governing body for Table Tennis in your country, offering pathways for your development in the sport, StreetTT users may opt in free at sign up.

Table Features
- Find; a direct link to the exact location of the table on Google Maps
- Chat; a citywide messenger chat group using Telegram
- Events; a list of events at the table for training, matches, coaching
- Ranking; a ranking of players at the table by Elo rating
- Match Results; a list of match results printed to the table 
- Media; a list of media web links posted by table members
- Submit Result; print match results to the table
- Create Event; share events with table members
- Join / Leave; become a member of the table

Any organiser of Table Tennis is invited to become a StreetTT community moderator (MOD).  MODs are able to create club and coaching events, submit match results on behalf of players as well as create and manage tournaments, submit tournament match results and award winners.  Sign up as a MOD from the app account menu.

StreetTT privacy notice:

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